FLEETR helps commercial business owners reduce costs at the pump….

FLEETR helps commercial business owners reduce costs at the pump….


Fleetr, a fast-growing startup in the fleet management and commercial insurance industry, is turning some heads with its easy-to-use applications and competitively low subscription price of just $9.99 per vehicle per month. In 2020, Fleetr launched its products aimed at helping small service businesses like plumbers and electricians track their vehicles and promote driver safety.

With inflation soaring to its highest level in 40 years, gas prices have been a constant concern, especially for those who own businesses with fleets. Today’s national average is $4.52, with nearly all states above $4 a gallon. While there aren’t many things that can be done immediately to reduce national fuel prices, business leaders and fleet owners can start managing their spending by investing in a fleet tracking solution. One way Fleetr addresses this is by addressing the root causes of fuel costs, such as idling and aggressive driving.

Idling occurs when a driver turns on or leaves a vehicle’s engine running even though the vehicle is not moving. Of course, this inevitably happens when a driver gets stuck in a traffic jam or gets stuck at a red light; However, some drivers may allow a vehicle to idle even when it is not necessary. Running idle is one of the most common causes of increased spending at the pump. Up to a gallon of gasoline can be wasted for every hour spent idling. Multiply that by the number of vehicles in a company’s entire fleet and it can get expensive. The good news is that vehicle idling is primarily a driver habit that can be addressed through training. Fleetr tracks all vehicles that spend 5 or more minutes idle and sends an alert to notify the admin of the driver’s activity.

Another cause that can lead to paying more for fuel is drivers who engage in aggressive driving tactics. Some examples of this are speeding in heavy traffic, rear-ended, running red lights and…


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