Flora Growth exports high-CBD dried cannabis flowers to new…

Flora Growth exports high-CBD dried cannabis flowers to new…


Flora Growth Corp. FLGCHas closed his first exports from Colombian grown dried cannabis flowers with high CBD content to Switzerland and the Czech Republic as well CBD isolate in the United States.

“As our global distribution network evolves, the addition of these three industry-leading countries to our footprint is an important milestone for Flora,” said Flora Luis Kaufman, Chairman and CEO of Flora Growth. “Our grower in Colombia, which supplies high-quality, high-margin flower and derivatives, is seeing increasing demand. These exports are a testament to our team’s ability to operate in a very complex global regulatory environment and generate new commercial revenue for our business.”

This announcement also marks the launch of Flora’s commercial website, where approved buyers can learn more about Flora’s growing and cultivation practices, and also place orders for high-THC and high-CBD dried flowers and derivatives.

Switzerland recently announced a pilot project to open adult cannabis sales in Basel this summer to test the feasibility of a fully legal recreational market.

“We’re proud to make it easier for consumers around the world to access safe, legal CBD and THC,” added Merchan. “We look forward to working closely with our partners in Europe and North America to bring high-quality Colombian cannabis products and raw materials to market.”

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