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Florida doctors “strike” triggered an online battle over obesity and Covid-19 vaccination. Turns out this is fake news — RT USA News

The publicity stunt carried out by Florida doctors to promote the Covid-19 vaccination sparked a political flame war over obesity and the ethics of denying people health care, all because the media sensationally reported it as a “strike.” .

Earlier on Monday, about 75 doctors and nurses gathered outside the hospital in Palm Beach, talking to local TV news staff, saying that they had seen twice as many coronavirus patients as last year, and most of them were unvaccinated. Adults.They urge the community to get vaccinated because they “tired” And their “Insufficient patience and resources,” In the words of a doctor.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program used the event as “go out” To protest the Coronavirus hospitalization in Florida. Activists shared a two-minute clip of the show on Twitter, which caught the attention of conservative expert Ben Shapiro.

“If this is the new standard—if you don’t take measures to alleviate your health problems you will be punished by doctors who refuse to treat them—this logic will definitely make a difference if you extend it to obesity,” Shapiro tweeted.

“obesity” Then it became popular because Shapiro received a large number of responses, mainly from angry liberals, who pointed out that obesity was neither airborne nor contagious, and triumphantly declared that there was no vaccine—especially no safety, Effective and government approved vaccine. The last point refers to the full approval issued by the US Food and Drug Administration to Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine Comirnaty on Monday afternoon.

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Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine has been fully approved by US regulatory agencies and can be used for people over 16 years of age

The problem with Shapiro’s views and the ensuing Flame Wars is that, so to speak, they are based on fake news.According to Jeff Bercovici, deputy business editor of the Los Angeles Times, his father-in-law attended the Monday morning event and never “go out.”

“No one quit their job. A press conference has just been held,” he Tweet, After posting a screenshot of the report, explain how “The wrong message sausage was made.”

According to Berkovic, the doctors involved were not even on duty—some had just left work, some had just arrived—but they gathered outside the hospital and called for the public to be vaccinated. Add to The media may agree “Doctor takes leave” because it is “Sexier” Story frame ratio “The off-duty doctor will do a press conference.”

Everyone is so busy coming up with a lens that confirms their a priori, so much so that they don’t bother to ask if it really happened.

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, presented Bercovici’s post to verify MSNBC and the activists who made the story popular.No strikes, no shortages in hospitals, doctors “Went out for a few minutes this morning” Urge people to get vaccinated, the whole thing is “Completely distorted by MSNBC,” she says.

When someone suspects that this story is reported in this way, “All over,” Cart Replied, “Yes, welcome to the corporate media spin.”

The Associated Press complained that she had “Harassed” with “Bullied” One of their reporters hinted in a report that DeSantis is promoting a monoclonal antibody treatment because the CEO of a hedge fund that owns shares in the company donated it to his campaign.

The Republican governor responded by attacking the Associated Press “Partisan Smear” Sell ​​one “A baseless conspiracy theory” This may cause Floridians to refuse treatment that could save lives.

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‘Is it worth it? ‘Florida Governor DeSantis blasted the Associated Press’s “baseless conspiracy theory” article on Covid-19 treatment

“You can’t recklessly discredit your political opponents and then expect to be free from criticism,” DeSantis told the Associated Press in an open letter, adding that he supports his employees and their work.

DeSantis has been advocating vaccination, but refuses to make vaccination. He also opposed local mask regulations, including in schools, which caused him to disagree with the White House.

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