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For the MAGA election officials in Colorado, things are getting worse

Peters’ attorney’s response was made after her colleague Belinda Knisley, deputy secretary of Mesa County, suspended for involvement “Improper and unprofessional behavior in the workplace,” Convicted of felony burglary and misdemeanor cybercrime. The allegations allege that Knisley was playing with Tina Peters’ work computer after Knisley was suspended and banned from using Tina Peters’ computer and the like. Although these allegations have nothing to do with the current Peters security breach investigation, Knisley and Peters seemed to be as thick as a thief.

“It looks like Knisley is using Peters’ Mesa County workstation to access the secure Mesa County computer network, and she was in Peters’ office earlier on August 25, 21,” the affidavit added. “After further investigation, Mesa County IT found that Peters credentials were logged in during the 08/25/21 session and the items were sent to the print server, but they were not printed in the end. What these items are is still unclear and is still under investigation.”

Tina Peters admits “Entrust someone to enter” and copy the security files before the trusted build (software upgrade) of the election equipment. But her lawyer argued that Peters could entrust a third party to complete the work, which is entirely a technical issue, not an election security crime. According to Secretary of State Griswold, Peters impersonated Gerald Wood, the man with security clearance, allowed him to enter a safe space, and Let him copy important selection software. She did this before the “trusted build” of the software was upgraded.

Oh, she made sure to turn off the security camera beforehand.It’s weird if you are allow Do it all.

According to the audit of the election results in Arizona promoted by MAGA and created by Big Lie, President Biden defeated Donald Trump with more votes than previously counted. But they couldn’t even prove their election fraud allegations. The new target position hopes to further weaken trust in the security of elections in our country. Peters and her lawyer (paying? I don’t know, but I’m going to put my head on a soft pillow and think about it for a while) are now advancing this non-quality conspiracy “Almost 29,000 election documents were deleted during the routine upgrade process” Peters’ security prank has now been removed from the certified election machine-Mesa County will have to pay for the replacement.

According to reports, many of the things being investigated now began in April, a few months after the Biden administration and Trump delusional 2.0.according to this Washington post, According to reports, Douglas Frank, a scientist and physics teacher who joined the McLindel’s big lie camp, persuaded Tina Peters that his Badly abusive mathematical claims are evidence of election fraud. She in turn tried to get her people to buy the bull! @†.I forgot to mention Douglas Frank, the mathematician who claimed election fraud, told postal He asked Peters to get in touch with Mike Lindell’s people because he convinced her that the upcoming upgrade of the Dominion software could be erased evidence Fraudulent.

And remind: Peters’ security camera was shut down a few days before the credibility build took place. Peters’ defense for turning off the camera is…no one says you can’t. Isn’t it weird?

According to state officials, the deleted files are ordinary log files, which are computer files that are deleted and replaced every time any software is upgraded. Putting it into a simpler computer analogy, Peters is basically claiming that you upgraded your email application and suddenly all your old emails were deleted and disappeared forever. The state said that when upgrading, all kinds of old, often redundant files will be deleted.

When Peters’ suspicious report and news of the clerk came out, she was quickly taken away Perform at the Cyber​​Symposium bafoonery mall of MyPillow conman Mike Lindell. According to reports, Lindell let Peters take a private jet to participate in the event and placed her out of the state when she was in a semi-low state.Her return is accompanied by a new lawsuit filed by Tina against Secretary of State Griswold Peters and Belinda Knisley claimed that their illegally copied hard drives proved that the election records were destroyed in “violation” of state law.As Denver Post report:

The Griswold office said it instructed counties to save copies of data needed to audit and verify previous elections before routine upgrades. According to the office, data can be restored after the upgrade. In a court document, the Secretary of State’s Office stated that there was no evidence in the report that the election records had been deleted.

This new information portrays a very real The conspiracy of Republican officials and conspiracy theorists deliberately subverted the electoral law to prove that they had no reason in the first place. So far, Peters’ only real response has been a very conservative Christian hypocrite who hangs himself on the cross of his own creation: “They will stop it by any means. I am willing to do everything I can to do what needs to happen. I mean, God calls me, He will support me, and His people surround me. So, I feel very much. good.”

God calls her. Call her and say: turn off those cameras!

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