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From October 2nd, 160,000 Singaporeans will receive groceries vouchers worth S$100

In last year’s budget, the government announced a Care and support package Helping Singaporean families pay for their living expenses. Especially the less wealthy people get more help.

As part of this support measure, the Ministry of Finance announced today (September 27) that approximately 160,000 Singaporeans will receive S$100 worth of grocery vouchers next month.

All Singaporeans who are 21 years of age and above, live in one- and two-bedroom HDB flats and do not own more than one property are eligible for the voucher.

According to the Ministry, the Grocery Voucher Program will provide a total of approximately S$63 million in financial assistance.

Grocery coupons can be used in supermarkets such as Giant, FairPrice, Prime Supermarket and Sheng Siong.

Starting from October 2nd, vouchers will be distributed to eligible families every Saturday of the next month.

If no one receives the voucher at home on the day of delivery, a second delivery attempt will be made in the following week, between October 4th and 8th.

If the second delivery fails, the courier will leave a delivery notification card at the door, allowing the recipient to pick up the voucher at the designated post office within 10 working days.

This delivery method is different from last year’s mailbox delivery, leading to a series of voucher thefts across the island. Last year, the value of grocery coupons was also $300 higher.

Featured image source: Singapore Police Force

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