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From preschool to college, Biden’s plan will strengthen American education

In the current discussion, funding for historically black colleges and universities has been reduced from the early proposed 45 billion US dollars to only 2 billion US dollars.Although the coronavirus pandemic shows the importance of upgrading HVAC systems to schools, and some schools without air conditioning are forced to use End school day early On particularly hot days in recent weeks.

As a result of the House Education and Labor Committee’s price increase, Build Back Better will increase the maximum amount of Pell Grants for low-income students by $500 and make Childhood Arrival Deferred Repatriation (DACA) grantees eligible for Pell Grants.Biden previously proposed to increase the ceiling Nearly 1,500 USD.

The plan proposed by the House of Representatives committee will add two years of free preschool classes and two years of free community colleges. These two main steps are to prepare children for school and provide parents with free and high-quality childcare services. Have the opportunity to get a free two-year degree or significantly reduce the cost of a four-year degree.

But both of these plans require states to opt in, which means that with the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, people in Republican-controlled states may not benefit. This is especially unfortunate for rural families in those states because, According to the White House fact sheet,”Rural children are Unlikely to attend pre-kindergarten classes Children in cities and suburbs, one-third of rural children enter kindergartens without attending preschool,” and 62.6% of black children with 59.4% of Latino children Pre-school children participate in pre-school courses. White children are more likely to enter preschool, the proportion is 67.8%.

Parents of young children can still benefit from plans that limit childcare costs to 7% of family income. The plan does not require the state government to opt-in.

The typical family with young children spends about $13,000 on childcare costs each year-this hinders our economy and prevents millions of low- and middle-income families from accessing early learning opportunities, many of whom are families of color,” Malik, Associate Director of Early Childhood Policy Research, Sid Center for American Progress, Recently said in a statementAccording to the CAP analysis, plans to limit childcare costs “will reduce In most states, the annual cost of childcare for a typical family is about $5,000 to $6,500. “This in turn means that mothers who are expelled from the paid labor force due to high childcare costs are more likely to work. This means that some parents may be able to return to school. In other words, the benefits of doing so will pervade the entire economy.

Even the reduced version of Biden’s original plan will be an important step forward for American education, even if the system will continue to require more funds to ensure that people can get the education they want or need, and students will not graduate from college. With regard to debts, parents do not need to decide their jobs around insufficient childcare available or unaffordable. But Democrats need to fight for every amount of money that can be kept in the Senate settlement bill because the stakes are very high.

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