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Functional Flour Market Outlook on Scope, Product Life Cycle,…

Functional flours are grain and non-grain flours that have been modified through breeding, blending and/or processing to improve the values ​​of their individual components for different applications. Aside from providing structure and texture to food products functional flours claim to improve health and offer higher health benefits than regular flours.

Functional flours also include flours fortified with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and even other nutritional ingredients and nutraceuticals. The growing global food industry with the frequent introduction of innovative and nutritious products is the main factor behind the market growth of products such as functional flours, which are used as raw materials in various food products.

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Functional Flour Market Segmentation:

The functional flour market is segmented into various products based on source, type and applications.

On the basis of origin, the functional flour market is segmented into grains and legumes. The grains segment includes flours made from rice, barley, wheat, corn, corn, millet, sorghum, triticale, etc. Grain flours are very popular and traditionally used. Flour prepared from various types of beans, nuts, peas and lentils such as soybeans, carob, clover, mesquite, etc. falls under the legume segment. Understanding the nutritional value of legumes has always been favored in nutrition, so the market demand for functional legume flours is expected to be higher in the near future.

The functional flours market is further segmented by types such as fortified flours, gluten-free flours, specialty flours and other flours. Fortified flours are fortified with specific vitamins and nutrients needed in the treatment of malnutrition. Consumer preferences for gluten-free products are expected to boost market demand for gluten-free flours. Special flours are prepared by…

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