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Funding roundup: May 19 – May 25

This weekly feature from Dynamic Business runs down the week’s top funding rounds from Australia and the US. Check out last week’s biggest funding rounds here.

Melt Ventures raises $10 million

Melt Ventures, the pioneering fund dedicated to advancing manufacturing in Australia, has successfully raised $10 million for its inaugural fund. The company anticipates raising an additional $20 to $30 million by the end of the current fiscal year.

The fundraising round attracted new investors, including industry leaders such as Justin Hales, founder of Camplify, the CEO and founder of Newcastle tech firm Pegasus, and Andre Pinkowski, co-CEO of Portt, a contract and supplier software platform based in Sydney. ever Family offices also participated in the funding, demonstrating their confidence in Melt Ventures’ vision.

Endua secures $11.8 million to scale clean energy technologies

Endua, an Australian clean energy company, has successfully secured $11.8 million in funding. This significant investment will enable Endua to accelerate developing and deploying innovative hydrogen generation and storage technologies. These advancements have the potential ial to deliver affordable and reliable renewable energy solutions to power communities , remote industries, and off-grid infrastructure.

Notable investors contributing a combined $7.5 million in pre-series funding include Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC), Melt Ventures, and 77 Partners. Strategic co-investors, such as Main Sequence, a deep tech fund founded by CSIRO, and Ampol, the country’s The largest transport energy provider, have also reaffirmed their commitment to supporting Endua’s vision and commercialization efforts. closes $22 million series B funding, the leading SaaS-based student recruitment platform, has successfully concluded its Series B funding round, securing AUD 22 million in investment from existing shareholders.

With over 1,600 education institutions and 8,000 recruiter partners worldwide, has solidified its position as an industry innovator in the education sector. The substantial capital infusion and strengthened financial position will enable Adventus. io to maintain its leadership and further enhance its role as a trusted central platform in the global and continuously expanding education industry.

$2.7 million funded to support women’s workforce participation and career development

As part of the Return to Work Pathways Program, over $2.7 million will be allocated to fund 13 projects across the state. These initiatives aim to support women in gaining employment and establishing meaningful careers.

Over the next two years, the Return to Work Pathways Program will assist more than 1,000 women in becoming job-ready and securing sustainable employment opportunities. This investment demonstrates a commitment to empowering women and promoting their workforce participation, ultimatum ately fostering their professional growth and success .

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