Gagarin show – the world’s first show about cryptocurrencies ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Gagarin show – the world’s first show about cryptocurrencies ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Gagarin Show’s mission is to popularize the vast universe of crypto and engage the general public with blockchain technology and its crucial role in reformatting the world as we know it. Having first aired in July of 2020 on YouTube, the show released 77 videos and has already garnered 18 million views and almost 80 thousand subscribers. The channel offers an overview of the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency and finance in an entertaining, educational and accessible manner.

The project’s creator and main host is Volodymyr Nosov, the CEO of Europe’s largest cryptocurrency exchange WhiteBIT, which is used by 3 million people from around the world.

The channel is divided into 4 categories:

Gagarin Show – the main segment where hosts Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov invite various prominent guests to discuss the latest cryptocurrency news and introduce them to blockchain in a humorous manner. The Gagarin Show consists of 4 seasons. The third and fourth seasons include celebrity co-hosts.

Cryptocurrency for Dummies – a segment dedicated to various topics in the realm of cryptocurrency, where Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov answer general questions about crypto in an accessible and easy to understand manner. This show is aimed at viewers who are new to the topic of blockchain and everything related. The topics include Bitcoin, NFT’s, GameFI, mining, and so on.

Cryptocurrency NOT for Dummies – this category is hosted by anonymous hosts who are professional experts in the field of blockchain technology. Just like with “Cryptocurrency for Dummies”, hosts answer questions only in an advanced manner and technical terminology. This show is aimed at those who want to delve deeper into the matter.

UhoNos – a humorous show that is dedicated to a news analysis outside of the realm of cryptocurrencies. Hosted by Volodymyr Nosov and Glib Ushakov.

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