GasMonsterNFT announces an upcoming launch

GasMonsterNFT announces an upcoming launch


Minting date August 1st

what is GasMonsterNFT?

GasMonsterNFT is a project of unique generative dynamic NFTs composed of dragons living on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s not a simple collection of PFPs, nor some half-baked celebrity-approved vanity project, but a next-gen NFT project that implements the world’s first gas metering mechanism, paid for by the user’s wallet after NFT purchase with Chainlink Oracles. Oracle usually consists of a smart contract and some standalone components. They are commonly used as network APIs to request data in smart contracts. But in the function of transmitting information about the gas consumed, they are actually used for the first time. This is a revolutionary solution that makes the project unique.

Gas is a term that the active crypto investor encounters on a daily basis. Now imagine that gas being used as a treat for your personal digital monster every time?!

Additionally, GasMonsterNFT implemented full-fledged robotization of a living character, it means that the character will go through the entire life cycle from an egg to a fully robotic warrior-monster, performing any transaction on the Ethereum network. At the same time, each warrior is unique and different from others, as in life. All of our holders can compete to see who has the strongest monster.

There are 7 levels of character maturation in total. And when your GasMonster reaches the maximum level, it becomes immortal and stays on the network forever. The NFT is decentralized, meaning that the metadata and all images are stored in the IPFS and the layers of the NFT are defined within the blockchain.

Most nft projects offer collections for one purpose and only one possible purpose: to make money. The authors of the GasMonsterNFT project want to give their collectors a lot more options, because the world is so diverse. Besides a good and profitable investment, they offer quite tangible bonuses for using gas.

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