Geek+ creates a global network of over 50 integrator partners

Geek+ creates a global network of over 50 integrator partners


  • Geek+ has accelerated US and Europe Market penetration with regional market leaders
  • With the partner network, the order volume has doubled in the first half of 2022 compared to the first half of 2021

BEIJING, September 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Geek+, the global leader in autonomous mobile robotics technology, announces that it has reached formal agreements with over 50 integrators to accelerate its international expansion. The global network enables Geek+ to meet the increasing demand for logistics robots in the US and Europein addition to Korea and new developments in South America.

Lit Fung, VP and Managing Director of International Business at Geek+, said: “Our network of integrators is an extremely valuable part of our success. We consider every robot deployed by our partners as a vote of confidence in our technology. They are ideally positioned to deliver large-scale robotics projects to customers and enable Geek+ to accelerate our business growth.

The multinational Körber Supply Chain has worked extensively with Geek+ worldwide, with pioneering projects in The United States and a new collaboration in Brazil carried out since the beginning of 2022. Key partners in America include KPI Integrated Solutions, Bosch Rexroth, Boreal Technologies, Conveyco Technologies, Numina Group and Systemex Automation. Above Europe, Geek+ technology has been deployed by Lalesse Logistics Solutions, Breathe Technologies and AMH Material Handling. In which Asia Pacific Region, Geek+ has a long history of working with integrators such as Ally Logistic Property (ALP) and Unitech Automation.

Earlier this year, Geek+ honored top integration partners with awards recognizing their commitment. Since then, Geek+ has gained more than 10 new partners, a list that will continue to grow as several major projects are implemented Europe and the US.

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