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Germans fired at Afghan security guards at Kabul airport after unknown snipers opened fire-Report — RT World News

According to reports, in the first actual attack on Kabul Airport since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, an unidentified sniper opened fire on local security forces, triggering a deadly exchange of fire with the German army and the US Marines.

The Afghan National Army (ANA) is believed to have collectively surrendered to the Taliban and disbanded on August 15, when Islamic radicals took over Kabul without fighting. It turns out that about 600 of them fled to Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), hoping to be evacuated.

On Monday morning, in a friendly exchange of fire with German soldiers guarding the airport, four of them were injured and one died-according to reports, this was the result of an unidentified sniper aiming at their position.

original report The 4 am incident relied on a statement from the Bundeswehr, which stated that the German and American forces were involved “Crossfire” Between airports “Afghan soldiers and unidentified attackers.”

However, CNN’s Kabul correspondent reported that Germans and “possible” The U.S. Marine Corps at the north gate of Hong Kong International Airport participated in a “Friendly Fire Incident” An unidentified sniper opened fire on the Afghans. All Nippon Air Forces fired back, but opened fire on NATO troops-NATO troops then fired back, causing casualties.

The incident on Monday morning was the first actual attack on an airport since the Taliban took over the airport, when the United States and its NATO allies were working to evacuate tens of thousands of Westerners and Afghans who had fled the country before the August 31 deadline.

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The Taliban stated that any attempt to extend the evacuation period of foreign troops beyond August 31 is a clear violation of

Although US President Joe Biden has said that if there are still Americans stranded, he may extend the evacuation beyond that date, but the Taliban has publicly stated that doing so would violate the peace agreement.If the U.S. and its allies fail to leave by the end of August “Causes a reaction” The team said, but did not provide any details.

There is no information about the identity of the sniper. So far, the Taliban have observed a truce with the US and NATO forces, and reporters in Kabul speculated that the attacker may belong to the terrorist organization ISIS-K, which is said to be operating in Afghanistan.

Another theory is that the civilian population outside the airport caused the Taliban militants to shoot, and NATO forces responded, resulting in 7 deaths: “A security official, two Taliban fighters and four people trying to leave the country,” Sputnik quoted an eyewitness report on the condition of anonymity on Monday night.

However, on Monday evening local time, a fire broke out at the Hong Kong International Airport and the evacuation work was hit again. There are few details available, but live video showed billowing black smoke, which reportedly caused the flight to be suspended again.

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During a frantic evacuation, a fire broke out at Kabul Airport and the video showed billowing smoke

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