VENICE, Italy, Sept. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Gilda Garza, known as “Mexico’s most influential artist,” is an internationally acclaimed painter who constantly pushes the boundaries between emotion and art. As America approaches Hispanic Heritage Month in September, this award-winning Mexican prepares to make history with a moving collaborative collection by sculptor Mario Furlan in a live exhibition at New Murano, Atelier Muranese. On Wednesday 28 September, the legendary Venetian glassmaker will create the ‘Glass Kings’ series – a limited commemorative edition of the artist’s most iconic pieces from her ‘Kings and Queens’ collection.

“I’ve always put my heart and soul into my work,” says Garza. “I am very grateful to be able to make an impact in the real world through art, which is what I love most. It is a true honor to see my influence and efforts in a one-of-a-kind glass rendering of the historic New Murano Gallery in Venice.”

Mario Furlan, widely regarded as a master of Murano sculptural art, will transform Garza’s epic pieces into three-dimensional glass structures in front of a live audience of exhibition-goers. The finished works are then exhibited in the over 1,500-year-old Muranese workshop. Through the presentation of glass masters, fine art, conceptual art and collectibles, the Venetian gallery supports the creative vision of Murano-Venetian craft culture. The Gilda Garza Glass Queen exhibition serves her ongoing mission to showcase the creative art process from interpretation to object, utilizing centuries-old skills of Murano craftsmanship.

In the US, Garza’s work is also featured in an exclusive jewelry collection at Jason of Beverly Hills, Roberto Cavalli Haute Couture and the House of Bijan on Rodeo Drive. Garza was officially recognized for her cultural contributions by the Senate of the Constitutional Chamber of Senators of the Honorable Union Congress in Mexico…


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