Google is losing AI Edge to open source, warns senior engineer

Google is losing AI Edge to open source, warns senior engineer


Senior Software Engineer at alphabet inc GOOD Google is said to have criticized the search giant for falling behind in the field of artificial intelligence – but he hasn’t compared it to that microsoft corp MSFT or OpenAI.

What happened: Last month, Senior Google Software Engineer Luke Sernau shared a critique of an internal system at the company that said the search giant was losing its lead in AI to the open source community, reported Bloomberg, citing an anonymous source familiar with the matter.

His analysis suggested that Google’s preoccupation with competing against OpenAI had distracted its attention from the rapid advances in open source.

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“We looked over our shoulders a lot at OpenAI. Who will cross the next milestone? What will be the next step?” he wrote.

“But the inconvenient truth is that we are in no position to win this arms race, and neither is OpenAI. While we were arguing, a third faction quietly ate our lunch. I’m talking about open source, of course.”

According to Sernau, the real danger comes from open-source communities, where developers quickly create innovative models that match the caliber of big tech at a lower cost.

He claimed that these models are faster, more adaptable and more practical than Google’s models, the report said.

“We don’t have a secret sauce,” Sernau wrote. “Our greatest hope is to learn from and collaborate with what others are doing outside of Google.”

Sernau also argued that giant models slow down the development of AI systems. “In the long run, the best models are the ones that can be iterated quickly.”

Why it matters: In December last year, it was reported that in order to deal with the threat posed by OpenAI’s chatGPT, Google has proclaimed a “code red”.

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