Green Check verified partners with Evergreen to provide life insurance and…

Green Check verified partners with Evergreen to provide life insurance and…


Green check verifieda fintech provider of compliant cannabis banking solutions and services, departed a partnership With Evergreen Annuity & Life Co., a life insurance and annuity company dedicated to cannabis financial services. This partnership enables Transactions related to cannabis available on the GCV platform Access to insurance and pension solutions offered by Evergreen.

This partnership gives existing GCV customers compliant and legal access to Evergreen’s product range. Evergreen now has access to full use of GCV’s compliance rules engine to ensure all regulations are met.

“The cannabis industry has seen tremendous growth over the past year and will continue to propel it with improved access to technology solutions and banking programs such as those offered by GCV,” stated Paul Chesek, Chief Growth Officer of Green Check Verified. “By partnering with Evergreen, we can now offer our cannabis-related businesses the tools they need to secure competitive insurance and annuity products and ensure they are protected. Going forward, we will continue to offer these businesses the opportunity to access other financial services that they would not normally have access to.”

Photo: Benzinga; Sources: courtesy of Jarmoluk and Lindsayfox via Pixabay

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