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Green shopping differentiated manufacturer: Jiminy’s dog food and snacks

Jiminy’s cricket protein dog food and snacks are effective choices to change the food imprint of the pet environment. Compared with traditional industrial pet products, it can reduce the impact of carbon dioxide, water and land by 99.99%. It is the Earth911 Greener Shopping Difference Maker. Compared with traditional alternatives, this product can reduce the environmental impact of pet food by more than 50%.


Kibble based on beef or chicken in the dog’s diet is costly to the environment. It requires a lot of land, feed, and water, and may turn your pet’s diet into an environmental disaster. A dog’s annual consumption of chicken-based food requires 480,000 gallons more water than insect protein to feed, slaughter, process, and produce. Beef requires 3,140 times more land per pound of protein than food from insects, while chicken requires 80 times more land per pound of protein than food. Jiminy’s Good grub with Cricket craving Dry kibbles are more suitable for your dog than meat foods. Insect protein is prebiotic and hypoallergenic for dogs. It promotes the health of pets by providing an ideal blend of natural fiber, twice as much iron, omega fat, and 10% more vitamin B12 than beef.

Jiminy’s training and hospitality are available at Chewy pumpkin and carrot, Chewy sweet potatoes and peas, Chewy peanut butter and cranberries, Chewy peanut butter and blueberries, with Original Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cricket Cookies According to the third-party product life cycle analysis we reviewed, only 5.02 ounces of carbon dioxide are produced per 6 ounce package.A whole year’s snacks—26 packets—produce only 8.46 pounds of carbon dioxide, while beef snacks emit up to 257.79 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (based on University of Michigan estimates Beef protein accounts for 26.44 pounds of carbon dioxide per pound of food).

Jiminy's Pumpkin Cricket Dog Snacks

Sustainable use and packaging recycling

Compared to traditional foods, feeding your dog Jiminy’s products daily will reduce the carbon dioxide and water footprint of the diet by 99.99%. The only challenge is Jiminy’s product packaging, which is an aspect of the product that needs to be improved. This puts Jiminy’s at the high end of our “Difference Maker” rating, and through compostable packaging, it will become a “transformative product” that almost eliminates the environmental footprint of traditional products.

Jiminy’s CEO Ann Carlson explained in our Greener Shopping Q&A that their first experiment with more recyclable packaging materials was unsuccessful-the bag could not maintain its shape and preserve food. Today’s PET plastic packaging can be recycled by many projects across the country—— Search Earth911’s recycling database Find a local option for “#1 Plastic Bags”.

Since our first call, Carlson has responded transparently Our concerns about the company’s plastic packagingJiminy plans to start the next packaging experiment in early 2022, which will include recyclable and recyclable materials.

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