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Guerini: 3,741 people evacuated from Kabul, of which 2,659 were already in Italy-Chronicle

So far, 3,741 Afghans have been evacuated, of which 2,659 were evacuated in Italy via 44 flights. These are the numbers of refugees evacuated from Afghanistan as stated by Minister Lorenzo Gherini in front of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. “The events that happened these days cannot question the work of our army. The first thing that was shocked by what happened in Afghanistan was our own soldiers.” This is what Lorenzo Guerini, the Minister of Defense, said. No “our weapons or military systems have been ceded to the Taliban”. The Minister of Defense stated that “the rapid advancement of the Taliban encountered almost zero resistance from the local security forces, who fled and in some cases left weapons and means.” This was stated by Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini at a hearing held by the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense of the Senate and House of Representatives on the situation in Afghanistan. According to the minister, “Afghan authorities also lack cohesion and credible leadership in the context of these obvious military failures.” “The events that have occurred in recent days have surprised the entire international community because the political-military background has undergone such rapid changes and the resulting dramatic humanitarian impact.”This is what the Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini said

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