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Harringtons adds to advanced science range

Yorkshire-based pet brand, Harringtons, has added to its advanced science range with its latest supplement launch.

It is estimated that the dog supplements market is worth at least £120m a year and growing at over 50% across retail and online channels.

Launching four new products in the form of chews and tablets, Harringtons is aiming to “help to eliminate the struggles of dog owners who are forced to hide or disguise supplements, with these new easy formats”.

The products are endorsed by Peter Wright, The Yorkshire Vetwho said: “Our dogs deserve a life filled with joy and comfort, where they can walk, run, jump and play to their hearts’ content. I’ve partnered with Harringtons on its Advanced Science Diet supplements to make sure we help provide our dogs with just that.”

Chris Wraggmarketing director at Inspired Pet Nutrition, added: “When your pet gets older or suffers from health issues and starts to slow down, it can be a difficult time for the whole family. With this new launch we are hoping that alongside a healthy diet and active lifestyle, owners will be able to share those special moments with their pets for longer.”

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