HB products are preferred by the US market

HB products are preferred by the US market


With the continuous development of a global sales network in recent years, Haier Biomedical has received wide recognition from customers, especially in the US market, and has been highly recognized as the preferred provider of life science and biomedical solutions.

Kyverna Therapeutics is one of Haier Biomedical’s key customers in the United States. During the first half of the year, they closed $85 million in Series B funding. Proceeds from the financing will be used to advance phase 2 clinical trials of KYV-101, a CAR T-cell therapy for autoimmune diseases, which began in the first half of the year, and to support the advancement of engineered T-cell therapy. “I really admired Haier Biomedical’s corporate culture, and Haier Biomedical’s product has provided Kyverna Therapeutics with a strong product portfolio,” said Stefanie, facility director of Kyverna Therapeutics.

Unlike Kyverna Therapeutics, Geltor is an American biodesign company focused on developing and manufacturing high-performance protein products, but that doesn’t stop the team from loving Haier Biomedical’s energy conservation ULT Freezers.

“I’ve never had any doubts about its performance and what surprises me more is its quiet operation and its blue appearance, which always puts me in a good mood while I’m working,” said Larry, Facility and Security Director at Geltor.

Apart from that, Haier Biomedical’s ULT freezers have also been used in colleges, laboratories and government institutions to name a few locations. Johns Hopkins University in the United States also adopted Haier Biomedical’s ULT freezer to provide a secure storage environment for scientific research samples.

In addition, Haier Biomedical has also won the trust of US government agencies. The US Center for Disease Control has achieved a long-term collaboration with Haier Biomedical and signed a five-year procurement agreement, earning Haier Biomedical’s recognition and trust from…


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