Healthy And Refreshing Recipes For Green Tea Drinkers Shared by I.E. Green Tea ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Healthy And Refreshing Recipes For Green Tea Drinkers Shared by I.E. Green Tea ~ Prodigy Press Wire



I.E Green Tea, the manufacturer of pure organic green tea, has published new green tea beverage recipes on the official website. The recipes include a wide variety of beverage options to ensure there is something for everyone or all the green tea lovers. The recipes include little side notes from the makers to help readers increase the net volume of the recipe for larger servings. In many recipes, readers can also find suggestions to make little alterations in the recipe helping to further expand the flavor profile or simply add a little more texture to the original recipe.

I.E. Green Tea sells a brand of superior quality liquid green tea in concentrated packets, known for offering many health benefits.
I.E. Green Tea

The latest recipes include an easy I.E. Green Tea mint julep to enjoy at hot summer outdoor events; the Lemon-Strawberry-Ginger smoothie to start the day with a healthy antioxidant shot; and the Tax Day Bramble, a refreshing little evening drink. Readers who want to amaze friends and family members will find many older recipes to help increase their beverage-making skills and knowledge. Other crowd-pleaser recipes on the website include The Saint Patrick’s Day cocktail, I.E. Green Tea hard seltzer, Green Tea honey, and their Thyme Martini.

Aside from beverages, the website also features recipes for dips and sauces like healthy rosemary and roasted garlic white bean dip. Dessert options, such as Green Tea Peach Yogurt Popsicles, are available to please the sweet tooths of ardent green tea drinkers.

Readers can go through all the recipes published by I.E. Green Tea on the official website at The website contains a good mix of various beverage recipe options perfect for satisfying the taste buds of all green tea lovers.

An I.E. Green Tea representative explained the company’s efforts to deliver the best flavor choices along with the added health benefits of choosing I.E. Green Tea over other brands by saying:

“I.E. Green Tea is the result of over 30 years of dedicated research along with numerous tea experts from across the globe. We have worked…


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