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Help save Marion County’s horse farms

08/18/2022 / PRZen / OCALA, Fla. — “The Horse Capital is being destroyed by overdevelopment and corrupt career politicians — it’s turning us into another Orlando and it needs to stop,” said Brian Donnelly. “Everything we love is being ruined and taxpayers are footing the bill. I can no longer sit back and do nothing – I decided to run to try and stop the madness.”

Marion County Florida is the horse capital of the world. Its special grounds and first class training facilities make it an ideal place for horse lovers. Marion County has a Farmland Preservation Area that is under extreme development pressure, raising concerns throughout the county about its protected status from commercial and industrial development.

“I love this county, I love our farms and our people and we are all threatened by turnpikes, warehouses and commissioners voting for their campaign donors instead of with the people – 90% of whom want to protect and preserve this area. I’m running to give back to the Board of County Commissioners a place where people are served and not treated like a necessary inconvenience,” Donnelly said.

As with most places in Florida, development is happening at a rapid pace. Some of the most beautiful parts of the state are at risk of losing their water, valuable natural resources and history. Cities and towns don’t collect impact fees that create billions in unfunded needs that most taxpayers don’t know about. With debt mounting, schools overcrowded, and our health stats plummeting, Florida is fast becoming something it never wanted or imagined.

“We have billionaires receiving grants without discussion while existing taxpayers are told they have to pay. We’ve told existing taxpayers not to be a priority while developers get area changes, cross-variant plan changes, and officials wanting to illegally invoke the 5th Amendment to confiscate private land for private development – against the will of…

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