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Here are the top financial stories on July 15th

Good morning and welcome to Insider Finance. I’m Dan DeFrancesco and this is today’s agenda:

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Money managers from Apollo to BlackRock are scrambling to take advantage of investor demand for the private market. Here are 16 people leading this push.

Private market

Su Ruobing/Inside Story; Samantha Lee/Inside Story

These are the key leaders driving asset management companies to increase their alternative investment distribution efforts. Check our list here.

Following Wall Street Bank, BlackRock is increasing the level of directors and the salary of more junior employees

Larry Fink pointed to his right in front of a black background.

Toru Hanai/Reuters

Starting September 1, BlackRock directors and employees below will see their base salary increase. The internal announcement was made after the Wall Street Bank raised primary wages for several months (we have been counting companies that raise wages- Check our list here).

Get detailed information about BlackRock’s salary increase.

Cathy Besant, Bank of America’s top technology leader, appointed a new right-handed executive to help oversee more than 95,000 employees

Sumeet Chabria, Bank of America

Bank of America

Sumeet Chabria, Head of Global Commercial Services at Bank of America, is now also the Chief Operating Officer of Global Technology and Operations. The following is what we know about his expanded role.

Morgan Stanley’s CEO wants employees to return to the office before Labor Day, but the bank has just told its latest batch of new employees that they can go to work as early as this month

Morgan Stanley New Year James Gorman 4x3

Andrew Burton/Getty Images; Samantha Lee/Insider

Employees learned at internal meetings that new youths in investment banking and capital markets can join the company as early as July 27

call. More details of the meeting.

Hedge fund investor Kelbas’s $34 million real estate short position could cost him $1 billion

Kyle Bass


United Development Funding sued Bass, alleging that his “short and twist” strategy disrupted its business. Get the full outline here.

JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are snapping up hedge fund clients from Credit Suisse’s troubled prime brokerage business

Jamie Dimon JP Morgan Chase

Mike Black/Reuters

Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase reported this week on the records of their main brokerage businesses. Read more here.

Why the global supply chain crisis is also terrible for Wall Street lenders


On April 4, 2021, a container cargo ship in the Port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Rotterdam is the largest shipping port outside of Asia.

Niels Wenstedt/BSR Agency/Getty Images

Global shipping delays and supply chain disruptions are leading to a reduction in commercial loans. What’s the problem.

odd number:

Startups turn to Wall Street to broker venture capital transactions (information)

The US Securities and Exchange Commission pays attention to the conflict of bank charges as it strengthens SPAC investigations-Source (Reuters)

Adtech company Captify just sold a majority stake in its business to a private equity firm as it strives to become a “search intelligence” alternative to Google for advertisers (Inside)

AllianceBernstein CEO sees the strength of its private wealth business (Barron)

McKinsey: Mixed work will be more chaotic than anyone realizes (insider)

Kate Hudson (Kate Hudson)-backed clothing brand Fabletics cooperates with a bank for an initial public offering (WSJ)

Blackstone concludes deal to manage AIG life insurance and retirement assets (WSJ)

Morgan Stanley’s new chief financial officer is about to make his debut on Wall Street’s dazzling (Bloomberg)

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