Here’s How This 31-Year-Old Makes $105,000 A Month By Working Just 2…

Here’s How This 31-Year-Old Makes $105,000 A Month By Working Just 2…


Earning passive income from a side job is a great way to boost your personal finances.

Passive income refers to money earned without need continuous effort or time commitment. By building passive income from a side job, you can generate additional income while working full-time or pursuing other activities.

earlier this month, Jasmine McCalla personal finance expert, mompreneur, and YouTuber joined CNBC share her story behind a side business that involves creating personal finance content.

In 2021, McCall launched her YouTube channel while working as a resource manager at Amazon. In a video, she shared how she went from a credit score of 495 to 820 simply by disputing inaccurate information on her credit report.

“At the time, making videos was just a way to bring in $1,000 a month to help pay for childcare. But six months later, that video went viral. By May 2022, I was making enough to quit my Amazon job and work on my side job,” she recalled.

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McCall wrote that from December 2022 to March 2023, she earned an average of $105,000 per month in passive income, primarily from digital product sales and YouTube ad revenue.

“In the last five years, everything I put on my vision board to get married, have a mother, make six figures a month has come true. Here I can be creative and think big, like I’m going to have lunch with them one day Mark Cuban,” She wrote.

“The best thing is that I only work two hours a day. I start work at 11am and finish at 1pm. Working in the same environment my son is growing up in is a blessing. I’m also proud that my company has enabled my parents to take early retirement,” she added.

McCall wrote that breaking away from the stability of a 9-to-5 job was scary, especially when she didn’t know what would be on the other side.



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