Here’s why people are fleeing these 7 major US cities

Here’s why people are fleeing these 7 major US cities


A new study has found Americans are leaving the big US Cities and moving to smaller towns.

An insider analysis US Postal Service data shows where Americans are moving and where they are going. The outlet combined the ZIP codes recorded by the USPS with the number of people moving in and out of each city. The cities with the most people moving between January and May were Dallas, Miami, Austin, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston.

According to the report, 5,629 people moved out of Dallas during that period. In Miami, too, 5,792 people left the city between January and May. In Austin, 7,175 people moved out, in New York, 7,592 people, in Los Angeles, 7,637 people, in Chicago, 7,843 people, and in Houston, 8,369 people moved out between those two months.

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The seven cities that received the most people moving were Henderson, Nevada, St. Cloud, Florida, Green Cove Springs, Florida, Cleveland, Sanford, North Carolina, Northbrook, Illinois, and Katy, Texas.

Danielle Hale,’s chief economist, told Insider that affordability is key for people leaving big cities and moving to smaller towns. Hale said the culture of remote work has also played a major role in the brain drain from cities.

“People who have lived in cities like New York and Los Angeles now have a sense of how many days a week it takes them to be in the office in person and feel more comfortable living in a more convenient area further from the city live away from downtown,” Hale said.

“If you can find similar lifestyle amenities in a more affordable place,” added Hale. “I think people are open to taking a step.”

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