High Haven Receives Five Illinois Cannabis Facility Licenses

High Haven Receives Five Illinois Cannabis Facility Licenses


High Porta women-owned, minority-owned and social cannabis company, has officially secured several conditional licenses in Illinois to operate adult cannabis dispensaries. This is in addition to the infusion and transport licenses they already hold. High Haven has obtained licenses in four BLS regions statewide, including Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, Bloomington, St. Louis and Carbondale, through its state advocacy and involvement with the Illinois Corrective Lottery.

“We are very happy about the receipt five new cannabis licenses in the important, pioneering Illinois market that has helped the US create one of the most successful legal cannabis markets in the world,” he said Mahja Sulemanjee Bortocek, CEO of High Haven. “At High Haven, we have conscious, actionable goals, and we intend to implement our important vision of cannabis to help other people and move forward with serious change for the rest of the world.”

gab judd is Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel of High Haven. He has over 15 years of experience in corporate civil litigation. Judd left private practice to join the firm in 2021 and played a pivotal role there The High Haven Lament against the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.

As a result of the lawsuit, High Haven regained its social justice status and received 5 pharmacy licenses for adult use.

The conditional pharmacy licenses were issued by BLS regions, each of which includes multiple counties. High Haven has won: 2 licenses in the coveted Chicago-Naperville-Elgin BLS region, 1 license in Bloomington (central IL), 1 license in Carbondale-Marion (southern IL), and 1 license in the BLS St. Louis region , which includes eight IL counties in and around the East St. Louis area.

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