Hitmaker CEO Tony Bucher wants to help artists win

Hitmaker CEO Tony Bucher wants to help artists win


His name may not ring a bell to casual music fans, but folks in the music business know Tony Bucher as a true example of a winner in everything he does.

Not only is he the CEO and President of Hitmaker Services, which has been involved in over 300 Billboard Top 200 projects since 2016 and has provided creative marketing for clients such as Sony, Universal, Atlantic, Warner, Netflix, Amazon, 300, eOne and more. He is also the founder of New Wave Distro, a digital distribution platform that gives artists and labels complete control over their catalogs and releases while providing significant marketing support.

But before that, he was just a regular college boy at Purdue University. After graduating with a business degree, he worked for a number of years before founding his first company, BC Forward (formerly known as Bucher & Christian), an Indianapolis-based IT company. In 2004, the Indianapolis Business Journal named him one of the 40 Best Businessmen in Indiana Under the Age of 40. BC Forward had grown to be the state’s largest private IT company and the third largest in the Midwest when it left in 2008 with $55 million in sales and customers like Eli Lilly, Proctor and Gamble and others.

In 2009, Bucher founded Gracie Productions, which grew to become the fifth largest independent music company in the United States, with clients including Universal, EMI, MTV, NBC and others. Eminem, Lil Wayne, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift are among the artists he and his team have worked with.

Despite all this success so far, Tony Bucher is still hungry to look for new artists and opportunities. He launched Hitmaker Services to discover new and unknown artists, songwriters and producers and give them the push to take them to the next level: the global stage.

Its main driving force is to allow indie artists to compete on the same level as major label artists.

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