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Holidaying with your Hound – The Innocent Hound

As the Summer holidays finally arrive, many of us are jumping at the chance to spend some quality time outdoors with our pets and head out on a UK staycation. Here are our top tips for traveling with your hound and how to ensure the whole family enjoys their well needed break.

Planning Ahead

Doing some preparation prior to leaving for your staycation is key to having a stress-free time, as travelling with your dog can come with a few extra challenges!

  • Check your pets microchip details are up to date and that they are wearing a tag with your correct contact information on.
  • Do some research to nearby veterinary practices close to where you’re staying and note some emergency numbers down, just in case you’re four legged friend needs some help while you’re away!
  • Make sure you pack plenty of your hounds favourite foods and treatscosy bedding and don’t forget poo bags! If you’re hound is usually raw fed, our air-dried food is the ideal alternative for if you don’t have access to a fridge or freezer.
  • Get to know where you’re staying, look ahead for some dog-friendly attractions to visit and find some local dog walking routes.
  • Dogs tend to get wet, and sometimes even muddy while exploring the UK’s beaches and forests, so packing towels would be a wise decision, our organic bamboo towels are the perfect solution for a quick dry off.

Whilst on Holiday

From wet paws to heatstroke, making sure your dog feels happy and comfortable in a new environment, there’s plenty to think about when heading off on your holidays.

  • Avoid letting your dog bask in the sun for extended periods of time, as this lead to issues such as heat stroke, dehydration and even sunburn just like humans.
  • Encourage your dog to settle in cool shaded areas and out of direct sunlight using their favourite Innocent Hound treats.
  • Try not to leave your dog alone while you’re on holiday, not only do many dog ​​friendly accommodations not allow you to leave dogs unattended, but it can be a stressful experience for your hound being alone in an unfamiliar place.
  • Stick to their routine if you can, try giving them there regular toilet breaks and dinner times.

We wish you all happy holidays with your hounds ! Don’t forget to tag us in your summer adventures using #myinnocenthound .

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