Hollow Metropolis Films announces the release of a documentary about addiction…

Hollow Metropolis Films announces the release of a documentary about addiction…


WASHINGTON – July 24, 2022 – (Newswire.com)

producers Jeff Wincott and Charlotte Wincott of Hollow Metropolis Films announce the release of their addiction documentary “Autumn fight shine“, which will be available on August 1, 2022 on various digital platforms.

Fall Fight Shine follows the recovery story of Canadian martial arts film actor Jeff Wincott. At age 41, Wincott starred on the hit TV series Night Heat and appeared in a dozen films, including Martial Outlaw and Mission of Justice, before overdosing on Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard. Wincott was treated and has been recovering ever since. He has reinvented his career with appearances on numerous television shows (The Wire, 24, The Night Of, Sons of Anarchy) and independent films (Lake City, Lake City). “Kringle Time”, “The Issue with Elvis”).

Director and neuroscientist Charlotte Wincott has worked with numerous addiction experts to tell the scientific stories that make up her first documentary, Fall Fight Shine. Scientists and experts explain the underlying biology of addiction, as well as the challenges and pathways to recovery. dr Wincott, who studied neuroscience at NYU and did addiction research at Rockefeller University, began making films a few years ago to tell relatable stories with scientific themes. “Science isn’t always interesting or accessible to non-scientists and I want to change that.”

The documentary uses artistic imagery, electronic music, dreamlike recovery scenes and scientific metaphors to teach viewers about the brain and the effects of a disease that affects millions far and wide. The film premiered at The Art of Recovery Film Festival in the greater Miami area in September 2021 and won Best Documentary at the Hollywood Women’s International Film Festival. It was an official selection and finalist at a number of other film festivals, including the…


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