Homie Wars Launches a Unique Battle-to-Earn Metaverse ~ Prodigy Press Wire

Homie Wars Launches a Unique Battle-to-Earn Metaverse ~ Prodigy Press Wire



Homie Wars has launched Homieverse, the ultimate battle-to-earn metaverse. Rumours of a Coinracer V2 (Reloaded) relaunch and the first P2E MMORPG, Junk Demon, hitting the market in the coming months, expectations are high in the GameFi space. But all the buzz right now surrounds the BSC’s Homie Wars; the battle-to-earn game that allows anyone to join in on the daily competition for potentially big rewards, without making any investment. In fact, all a would-be competitor must do is register for the Golden Battle event: 70% of slots are reserved for the top token holders, and the remaining 30% of slots are randomly awarded to registered players in this 1,000-person competition.

Since going public, Homie Wars has begun turning heads with only a small grassroots movement to lay the foundation of the project’s community. In anticipation of the diamond tier presale event hosted by GemPad, the team is ramping the marketing efforts up to an elite level. Just a portion of the elements shared on the marketing roadmap includes TikTok campaigns, the signing of influencers from YouTube and Twitch, several AMAs inside the community and outside with renowned groups such as Caesar’s Calls and Gollum’s Gems, community building and engagement activities/events, and even a celebrity endorsement. The hyped-up presale marketing roadmap, implemented by Sydney Houston, the blockchain marketing agency riding a meteoric rise to fame is said to only be the tip of the iceberg, according to CMO “Mr. Dip.”

Looking beyond the presale there is a lot of excitement surrounding the post-launch marketing campaign; however, the team at Homies isn’t revealing any details just yet. In an interview, CSO “Croissant” told us “This game is exceptionally fun to engage with and immediately contagious, so we’re making sure everything is in place to support the viral level of exposure that naturally comes with promoting such a good product,” The Homies team struck a partnership…


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