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How a business owner writes a perfect profile: Don’t

Many times, business owners and marketing managers get into trouble when they need to compile a summary to share with their digital agencies. Usually, it is like this; the problems encountered and the solutions they want to implement.

Is there any problem with this? It’s like going to the doctor with symptoms you don’t understand and then telling them what medicine you need. Business owners need to work more collaboratively with their digital partners to ensure that the right projects are introduced, rather than trying to provide briefings or solutions to digital providers.

How can this be done?

Collaborate with all relevant stakeholders

Business owners should be careful not to make any assumptions on behalf of their team or colleagues. For digital partners to fully understand business needs, it is important to have relevant stakeholders in the same room. Every stakeholder has insights that need to be heard and considered, even if this leads to conflicting views on which digital solution is the best way forward. This kind of dispute between stakeholders often reveals a core need, and this is exactly what progress looks like! It provides your digital provider with the background needed to make informed decisions, which will benefit the entire business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital transformation, so having everyone in the same room (or virtual room) means that all concerns can be expressed, and solutions can be formulated with all elements of the business in mind.

Talk about where you are and where you want to go

Recognizing that there are imperfect elements in your business can be challenging for business owners, but in the end, it is critical to your success. Be transparent with your digital provider and let them have an honest overview of what you’ve been using, what’s effective, what’s not, and what you think is needed to make your business successful. This helps your digital partner understand the challenges you face and define what success looks like.

For many business owners, growth is their primary goal. When discussing technology with your digital partners, it is important to discuss your growth plans and related timelines. A good digital provider will work with you to create a scalable solution that meets your goals and can adapt to your business growth.

Let your digital partner guide you

Business owners and marketing managers know their business and its needs better than anyone, but they don’t understand every technical solution under the sun. When seeking to brief digital vendors, it is important to work together, not to let one party or the other prescribe a predefined solution.

When looking for a digital partner, business owners and marketing managers usually review the agency based on its ability to provide this predefined solution. This is a mistake. Instead, they should discuss the problems they encountered and what they hope the results are like. From there, your digital provider can work with you to recommend a viable plan that suits your business and its specific needs. Combining your expertise is where miracles happen.

Defining digital solutions with poorly prepared or ambiguous briefings is an outdated and inefficient method of digital transformation. It ignores professional knowledge and prefers classification ideas of the right path. For companies, the cost of such mistakes can be very high, especially for companies that only build solutions for the short term. Collaboration and transparency are the best ways for business owners to work with their digital partners; this combination will lead to long-term business success.

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