Jon LevinPresident of Marimed Inc., Brett NoveyCEO of Pharmacann and Andrew tutCIO of 4Front VenturesOperators in the Midwest and across the country joined Barbara Webbpartner of MGOand Steve MilesCEO of Sharp capital advisers in a panel Gasoline Gas Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago to discuss strategies for growth in the emerging Midwest state markets.

4Front Ventures in Illinois: A Growth Opportunity

Thut explained that 4Front’s operational thesis remains in focus low-cost full-scale production. He explained how the company has built its business by becoming the leading edibles producer in WA thanks to its “low cost manufacturing SOPs” (Standard Operational Procedures).

4Front recently opened the largest cannabis processing facility in California (175,000 square feet) and will open a similar facility in Illinois at H12023.

“We believe that the sweet spot in the value chain is a wholesaler of products. We are building a 40,000 square foot canopy, (…) we look forward to taking brand leaders in other states and bringing them to Illinois. With the new facilities and retail, we believe we have an opportunity to grow sixfold in the state. In terms of competition, price compression is just a fact and the quality of your product needs to go up,” Thut said of cannabis prices.

Marimed brings East Coast brands to Illinois

Marimed is another company to land in Illinois. Levine explained that the multistate operator does business in Massachusetts, Illinois, Delaware, Maryland and Ohio; and just purchased cultivation and artisanal growing in Illinois.

Additionally, Marimed plans to “bring the brand back” via an agreement with an established distributor in Michigan. “We have signed a licensing agreement in Michigan with a partner who will bring our branded products to market,” Levin said.

He explained to him the fixed plans diversify its offering. “We’re taking them to a market full of flowers and…


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