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How Justine Williams and our dog created a “Pawmap” in a locked state

Seeing the distress of families facing abandoning their pets inspired Justine Williams to set up “Our Family Dog-Pet Net”.

Justine has worked in the communications department for many years, carrying out activities for RSPCA, and regularly hearing stories about dogs being sent to shelters for various reasons.

She realized that the dream of being a puppy parent often didn’t match reality-late at night, puddles and poo on the carpet, and challenging behavior.

As a mother, when she felt overwhelmed, she turned to Mumsnet to connect with people who felt the same.

So she went back to the classroom, studied “Human Behavior Change” at Derby University, and while chatting with a lecturer, the idea of ​​”Mumsnet for Pet Owners” was born.

Justine left the RSPCA position to focus only on her “light bulb momentary ideas”, and in 2019, her community interest company Our Family Dog was born.

Fast forward for two years, and because we withdrew from the lockdown, many pandemic puppies owners are anxious about how to cope, and have never needed support like they do now.

I talked with her family, Justin, who lives in Sussex about the development of “Our Dog” and her plan to make “Pawmap” under lockdown.

How did the idea of ​​keeping a dog in our family come about

One of Justine’s main areas of focus at RSPCA is research on how to reduce the number of dogs entering the rescue center.

Justine explained: “We studied the relationship between impulse buying and the exile of a dog to a rescue center.

“We studied how to resolve the mismatch between expectations and reality.”

Justin and RSPCA rescue dog Stanley

Create Mumsnet for dog owners

Justine spends a lot of time listening to people talk about the problems they are looking forward to facing new dog owners.

As a parent, she returned to her early motherhood, and she recalled how much forums like Mumsnet helped her.

Understanding many normal phenomena of advice and sources of support did help her through the difficulties.

Justin recalled: “This normalized what I was going through. So I set out to create the same thing for dog owners.”

Justin realized that to provide help, she needed not only the understanding and knowledge of the dogs, but also the humans with whom she shared her life.

She became interested in human behavior and studied at Derby University to gain effective support and knowledge to help her owner and her dog.

The Our Family Dog website

Who can our dog help

There is a lot of information on what your dog needs. Our dog approached it from the owner’s perspective.

Justin said that there has never been a greater need, especially when the owners are separated from their relatives and friends, and they usually ask for help.

She said: “There are many puppies and dog owners who find things difficult. There is a mismatch between their expected life and reality for the dog.

“New dog owners often use knots as a link to try to find answers to make life with dogs easier and more enjoyable. Just as they imagined.

“Our dog breeders provide a compassionate space in which dog breeders can get support and advice to help them tide over their difficulties.

“The most important thing about our domestic dogs is that this is a non-judgmental space where people can feel safe and supported in the wave of puppies being parents.”

Justin and the lovely Staffy Stanley

Resources available on our family dogs

Justin’s main focus is to help new owners get the support they need, and with animal welfare as the background, she urges people to use forceless methods.

She hopes to support users in two ways through her website.

The first is to help people prepare for raising a dog, help people choose a breed that suits their lifestyle, and provide advice on how to find a responsible breed.

The website attempts to present a true portrayal of the life of a new puppy, with the aim of making the journey of the new puppy a happier experience for everyone.

The second is to provide a lifeline. Many people raise a puppy and reach the end when they press the emergency button.

Justin said: “When they reached this point, we were there. The puppies Bruce is normal, there are baby sharks peeing and defecate everywhere, you are losing your mind.

“This is normal! You will pass it.”

Pandemic puppies problem

It’s no secret that there are new puppies and dogs everywhere. Almost everyone knows that someone bought a dog in the confinement area.

Throughout the pandemic, the number of visits on our “Dog Dog” website has greatly increased, and many people are seeking advice and help.

This is almost an excellent opportunity for the puppy to settle down, but it is very difficult to live abnormally.

Justin said: “I worry that these problems will only really start when we get rid of the blockade. Dogs will be in a position where they have to get used to going home alone.

“We are always looking for ways to help puppies and parents prepare for getting out of trouble. As humans, we have an unrestricted road map, and our pets need the same route.”

Justin’s paw map is locked

Justine’s “Pawmap Out of Lock”

Although it is difficult to know what the “new normal” will look like, Justin believes that the best thing we can do is to help people prepare for the upcoming changes in the dog’s life.

If we don’t, then we may see an increase in the number of dogs in rescue centers, or worse, the dogs are sold so that people can get back the money they paid for their puppies.

Justin said: “At present, it is difficult for some people to see the problems that will arise. Therefore, we must start to find ways to best help people prepare for life after the lockdown.

I hope that many people’s puppies are long enough to establish a strong bond with them, and that they have survived the most difficult period.

“But for those people who have only recently begun to welcome puppies into their lives, they are still in the difficult stage of puppies parenting and may start working again.

“They will really need support.”

How to learn more about our family dogs

Dog ownership can be difficult at times, but if you are prepared and have a source of support during those difficult times, the way forward is bright.

If you would like to get help about puppies, dogs or fancy becoming members of the support community, you can find more information at the following URL: www.ourfamilydog.org.uk

Alternatively, you can connect on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram via the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ourfamilydogUK

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OurFamilyDogUK

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourfamilydoguk/

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