How QC Kinetix (Evansville) Regenerative Medicine…

How QC Kinetix (Evansville) Regenerative Medicine…


Professional and casual athletes in the Evansville area seeking lasting relief from chronic pain and sports injuries now have respite in the regenerative medicine provided by QC Kinetix (Evansville). The targeted biological therapies are effective in treating back pain, toe pain, wrist pain, ankle pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain, and compound tendon, ligament, and muscle pain. Treatment providers here believe that sports injuries or medical conditions should not prevent athletes from having a better quality of life. That Pain Control Clinic also helps patients avoid addiction to addictive painkillers.

Founded in 2022, QC Kinetix (Evansville) is excited to introduce a breakthrough treatment designed to help athletes get back to their favorite sports, hobbies and lifestyle in little or no time. Regenerative medicine offers solutions to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and repair degenerated or injured tissue. Athletes can request a no-obligation consultation with an in-house pain control doctor for guidance.

Regenerative medicine intensifies the body’s natural ability to heal itself to heal all types of sports injuries. For patients seeking joint pain treatment, the medical team will delve deeper and identify the source of the pain, whether the cause is age, repetitive movements, medical conditions, or poor posture. Evansville Regenerative Medicine for joint pain involves a combination of non-surgical therapies. The carefully selected treatments help restore strength and improve range of motion in the affected joint area.

Non-surgical treatment for knee pain eliminates the need for invasive surgery by treating discomfort, swelling, and inflammation. Another common condition treated by the QC Kinetix (Evansville) medical team is chronic back pain, which if left untreated can severely impact performance and quality of life. The clinic takes care of back pain resulting from accidents, sports injuries and medical…


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