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How to make money on travel

How to make money on travel

How to make money on travel

“What do you do?”

“How can you afford this travel lifestyle?”

“How do you make money from traveling?”

These are common questions that successful travel bloggers usually get asked. Some people think that travel bloggers are either born golden spoons or travellers who are about to go bankrupt, because all travel expenses are the same. But in fact, these travel bloggers have learned how to make money by traveling the world.

Isn’t that fun? Can you see the world while getting paid?

Check out the list below to see how travel bloggers do what they do.

How to make money on travel

How to make money on travel

Sponsored posts (advertising)

Nowadays, most companies don’t just rely on TV or newspapers to promote their products/company. The company is now also contacting travel blogs to help them improve.

It is often the case that companies contact travel bloggers who are paid for including links to their websites. But of course, travel bloggers must be cautious, because not all companies pay a high price.

Event spokesperson

There are always speakers at conferences and seminars. The companies and organizations that hold these meetings are looking for capable meetings that they are even willing to spend money on. They will be the ones who bear the cost.

How to make money on travel

How to make money on travel

Mentor or coach

There are different types of coaching or coaching jobs. You can mentor blogs, mentor teams, mentor or mentor individuals, etc. Sometimes, it’s not just guidance and guidance that get paid, but also travel expenses.

Affiliate marketing

This is an easy way for travel bloggers to make money. The company will also look for blogs that can advertise, and blogs that can mention and promote its products or services themselves. Sometimes, hotels, resorts, and casinos will hire bloggers to experience their services in order to write relevant articles and publish them on their blogs. If you may have also noticed, there is always at least one product or service mentioned in a Vlog or travel article. The probability of getting paid is high.

Free writing

Different websites need a lot of people to help them fill their websites with content, which is something travel bloggers usually pay attention to. The rewards for freelance writing do vary, but some do pay well.

How to make money on travel

How to make money on travel

Photos and videos

Bloggers also make big money here. Some companies hire people (usually paying for travel expenses) to take photos or videos of locations/events/etc. Most of the time, bloggers who set their profile to have professional photography and video services do not only accept small payments.

Handling social media

This seems to be an easy thing, isn’t it? But yes, companies will also hire bloggers to manage their Twitter pages, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

There are many different ways to look at the world and at the same time allow your bank account to receive more money instead of losing money. Maybe you can try one of them and see if it works for you too.

How to make money on travel

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