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How to set up Instagram shopping and increase sales

What do you like best on Instagram? Keep up with your childhood friend? Follow influencers? Post your own holiday photos?watch Interesting scroll?

How about shopping? For roughly half of Instagram’s 1.3 billion users, Shopping on the platform is once a weekIf this seems to be a higher-than-expected number, consider that Instagram users are known for their love of shopping.research shows 36% of users Not only like shopping, but actually treat it as a hobby. For example, they do not go surfing, playing guitar, organizing stamp collections, or tending gardens. They hop online and make purchases.

Recognizing this phenomenon, Instagram improved its products. And enterprises are the main beneficiaries.Jesse Samrak observe:

Instagram was originally a photo sharing platform, but now it is an e-commerce market. Once upon a time, you had to send your Instagram followers to the product page in multiple clicks. Now you can sell products directly to customers on Instagram without additional clicks. First, there are shopping posts. You can tag your product in the image, add a price tag, and authorize your audience to add the product to their Instagram shopping cart directly from your post. Secondly, there is your Instagram store. You can catalog all products, create product series, add product images and descriptions, and allow your audience to make purchases from within the platform.

By using Instagram shopping as a strategy to drive sales, you will be able to Get your product In front of an audience that has already established a connection with your brand. At this point, not optimizing your Instagram profile for shopping is basically rejecting this great opportunity.

What is Instagram shopping?

The Instagram team has received feedback from many users, and they want to do more than just promote their products on the platform.So their experts went back to the lab, where they created successful features such as filters, scrolls, and stories, and came up with a system that enabled the company to Sell ​​directly through their content.

Instagram shopping was born. Using this set of tools and functions, you can bridge the gap between presentation and conversion. Just as display ads on websites use calls to action to take users directly to the purchase page, Instagram Shopping can make your content an interactive version of a catalog.

Let us first define some key terms related to Instagram shopping:

  • shop: This is your storefront. You can customize your store to allow users to make purchases directly from your profile.
  • Shopping tags: Just like tagging a person in an Instagram photo you post to your account can identify that person and provide a link to their page, these tags allow you to click on the product in the post and then make a purchase.
  • Shopping while exploring: All your marked products are summarized in this “Explore” tab, allowing users to browse your products in a simplified format.
  • collect: Using this feature, you can group products together to make it easier for your customers to discover their favorites.
  • Product detail page: Instead of sending customers to the login page on your website, you can provide product details and pricing in the app.
  • Check: When you pair Instagram shopping with this feature, customers can purchase your products from within the app. If there is no checkout, the user will be directed to your website to make a purchase.
  • product release: If you use checkout on Instagram, you can use this feature to tease posting. Your followers will be able to preview the product details and then add reminders to make purchases at launch.
  • On-site shopping: Use this feature to make it easier to share products with customers in a real-time presentation format. Your video can display up to 30 marked products, as long as you use the checkout, you can directly purchase.

As you can see, there are many ways you can Show your products To the user. When using the checkout feature, everything is improved because it eliminates the need for a potentially harsh trip to your website, thus simplifying the user’s purchase process. The user’s payment information is saved by Instagram to ensure smooth and safe transactions. You can receive the payment within 8 to 10 working days.

In addition, using the checkout function allows you to take full advantage of product launches and real-time shopping. These 2 functions are essential to create excitement for your product and provide an engaging product demonstration.

These Instagram shopping features have been around for a long time, marking the final stage of the platform’s transformation from an interesting way of sharing photos to an indispensable tool for modern businesses. Using your photos and videos as interactive ads, you now have the back-end support needed to launch products, provide product details, plan collections, and accept payments.

You can see how stylish all this is in the following post, which has been optimized with shopping tags:

jaspersboutique's Instagram shopping tags

Here is how these features are displayed when used in Instagram stories:

Shop on Instagram stories jaspersboutique

Shopping elements can be as prominent or subtle as you want. This flexibility helps you stay true to your brand and avoid making your content too popular and losing interest to your followers.

This is how to set up Instagram shopping

Just like any healthy relationship, the first step in welcoming Instagram shopping into your life is to ensure that the two of you are compatible matches. Instagram is very special in terms of the businesses that it allows to participate in, because user trust and positive experience are more valuable to the platform than the profits they get from businesses with poor reputation for participating in Instagram shopping.

Make sure you have checked all the boxes to start

Understandably, confirming your qualifications is the first step in this process. Here are the 6 factors to be confirmed:

  1. These Instagram features are supported in your area.access This page To confirm whether you meet the conditions.
  2. Your Instagram profile has been set up as a business or creator account.
  3. Your Instagram profile is connected to your Facebook page.You can get Detailed description is here.
  4. You have set up one Business manager account.
  5. Your business has an e-commerce website that currently offers the products you will offer through Instagram shopping.
  6. You met Instagram Business qualification requirements.

If you meet all these conditions, you should be ready to start working. If not, you will need to pause the process. Some steps, such as setting your profile as a business or connecting your profile to Facebook, can be completed in a few minutes.Others, such as Build an e-commerce website For your product, it is more intense. However, if you have not yet run a website, then you will face a bigger problem than just missing this opportunity to use Instagram for shopping.Your lack of a website may cause you to miss huge opportunities Connect with your customers and make sales.

Now you are ready to start setting up your Instagram store

You need to import all the products before you can sell them. Instagram calls it your directory because it contains all relevant information, such as description and pricing.

There are 2 options for creating a product catalog. First, you can use the tools in Facebook Business Management Tools to complete. This is an easy way to solve this task because Facebook provides a user-friendly uploader and detailed instructions.access This page for more information.

Another option is to import your catalog from your existing website. The limitation here is that your site must be based on a compatible platform. The following is a “partner platform” that can quickly bring your products to Instagram for shopping:

  • Shopify
  • Big business
  • Channel consultant
  • Business center
  • Feed economics
  • CedCommerce
  • mix
  • DataCaciques
  • Witty words
  • Zen tail
  • Magento
  • Open shopping cart
  • WooCommerce
  • GoDaddy (U.S. only)

The upload option you choose is entirely up to you.Whether you use Facebook business management tools or through your Existing website, The result is the same.

It’s time to formalize your store

After assembling your product catalog, you can put your store together. The Facebook business system will guide you through all the steps. You can assemble it in less than 15 minutes.

Here is the interface that guides you through the process:

Open an Instagram store

The first step is to determine how you will accept payments. The main option is to use Instagram’s payment processing system.The only other way to accept in-app payments is Purchase payment through Shopify If you have already set up for your business. Otherwise, you need to add another step to the payment process to direct customers to your existing website.

Choose Instagram shopping checkout

Next, you will link the channels through which you want to sell the products. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one here.

Choose the sales channel instagram shop

Then, you need to synchronize your store with your business account.

Connect the business account of the Instagram store

The last step is to specify how you want to handle shipping and returns. After completing the settings, you can preview your store. If you are satisfied, you need to submit it for review.

From your Instagram profile menu, select “Settings.” After registering for Shopping, you will be prompted to submit your account for review. When the Instagram shopping team goes all out, you may receive a response within 48 hours. Even at the slowest time, it rarely takes more than a week.

If the waiting disappoints you, just return to the “Settings” menu in your profile and you can see the current status of your comments.

You have been approved. It’s time to start a fire.

After your account is approved from Instagram, you will need to return to the “Settings” section of the profile menu. From this submenu, select “Business” and then “Shopping”. You will be asked to select the product catalog that will be used for this account. Just click on the catalog you have created to complete the bridge between product and content.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of the Instagram store.

But your work is not finished yet. Knowing how to set up Instagram shopping will only get you there. Although you can mark every product in the world in your post, it won’t be of much benefit if your users don’t participate in the content. How do you get the consistent traffic needed for conversion? How do you use Instagram shopping to increase sales and increase profits?


If you wait too long between posts, your users (and Instagram’s algorithm) will adapt to your laziness. Don’t be surprised if they start checking in every week or month, because it doesn’t make sense to visit the profile just to see the same old posts accumulating dust. Over time, if you don’t provide users with fresh content that is both relevant and enjoyable, users will start to weed you out altogether.

The effectiveness of your Instagram shopping strategy always depends on the quality of your content.It’s like a tree falling in the forest, no one is around No sound, Your efforts will only have results when users pay attention.

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