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How to smoke weed (or use marijuana in other forms) for the first time…

Through The fresh toast‘s Mary Schumacher, made available exclusively Benzinga cannabis.

If you have the privilege of being the person who introduces the herb to someone else, there are a few things you need to be aware of as well.

As the cannabis stigma dissipates in a cloud of fragrant vapor, young adults to seniors are emerging from the woodwork to finally try marijuana — or, in some cases, get back to it.

The key for new users is to start slow and work your way up from there. You could start with a 5 mg edible, a few dabs of flower, half a dropper of tincture, or whatever product you feel comfortable with. But choosing the right cannabis strain can be just as important.

If you’re an anxious person by nature, a sativa-dominant hybrid with above-average CBD is your best bet. If you really want to experience a high, choose highly concentrated forms of THC, but remember to go slow so you don’t overshoot your goal.

If you have the privilege of introducing the herb to someone else, there are a few things to consider. First, make sure the room you are in is comfortable. Maybe throw in some throw pillows, an afghan blanket, and a good movie for the first round. That way everyone feels comfortable, there’s a movie for everyone to focus on.

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Music is just as good if not a better idea than a hit or miss movie. Cannabis is nothing more than an enhancement drug, and hearing your favorite band high for the first time can completely change the way you look at the intricacies of music.

Remember not to laugh directly at the experiences the newbie is going through unless a shared belly laugh is exactly what’s hip. Anxiety is a common side effect for first-time users, mainly because they don’t have the benefit of experimenting to see which cannabinoid ratios work best, or whether sativas, indicas, or specialized hybrids work better with their systems.

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