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Hownd works with Forest Green Rovers

Plant-based vegan pet food and pet care brand Hownd has launched a new partnership Cooperate with the Forest Green Rangers team known as “the world’s most environmentally friendly football club”.

The two parties will promote the benefits of plant-based pets through the use of LED advertising on match days and the establishment of brand partnerships during the season.

Established in 2015, Hownd is a vegan, “earth-conscious” dog product, and stated that if “only a small portion” of the 12 million dogs in the UK are fed on a plant-based diet, then it “will not be far-fetched” See the benefits of fighting climate change”.

Henry Staelens, CEO of Forest Green Rovers, said: “I have no doubt that football and pets will be closely related to their importance to our fans-and football fans as a whole.

“Therefore, adding companies like Hownd to our portfolio of partners, who focus on earth-friendly and healthy pet food, is an obvious partnership for us-we look forward to seeing it develop with the seasons And development.”

Hownd’s commercial director and co-founder Mark Hirschel added: “When you are a vegan dog brand, you may not think of football first, but it is unique to us.

“I have the opportunity to cooperate with FGR. This is an incredible’green’ football club from top to bottom. It shows how like-minded brands can work together for better interests. FGR’s sustainability measures leave me behind A deep impression; a 100% vegan football club, eco-friendly stadium innovation, too many to mention.”

He added: “Our three-year partnership as their official vegan pet food partner is an exciting achievement for Hownd, and we look forward to the many opportunities it brings. Let’s call it a match made in heaven. ‘Match day’.”

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