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Hurricane Ida may hit the Gulf Coast with a dangerous major storm on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

If Ada really sticks to the current route, it can hit the coast by hitting the coast in a relatively sparsely populated area near the low-lying swamp island, which will be of great help to everyone, covering 71,000 acres. Wildlife sanctuary Guarding the entrance to most areas of Vermilion Bay. The biggest target on the current path will be the city of Lafayette (population 126,000) located approximately 30 miles inland. However, this distance is deceptive. Despite being several miles from the ocean, the average elevation of Lafayette is only 49 feet above sea level, and there are many small towns on the south side of the city along rivers or canals, which makes them extremely vulnerable to floods that may be caused by tides. , Ida expects inland winds to reach more than 100 miles per hour.

Currently, the surge is a major problem. The National Hurricane Administration predicts that along the long coastline that spans most of Louisiana and Mississippi, the waves will reach 11 feet. Fortunately, in the last few storms, the results of the surge were lower than predicted. But no one should assume that this is a guarantee. In addition to the surge, Ada is expected to bring heavy rain, which can easily lead to local flooding and aggravate any damage directly caused by the surge.

Although current orbits show a blow near the death center in Louisiana, Ada is still hundreds of miles away. The current track still allows Ida to turn east to New Orleans, or west to Lake Charles (just flooded by Hurricane Delta and Laura last year). Even these limits should not be regarded as limits. Everyone along the coast, including low-lying areas dozens of miles inland, should now be relocated.or now, If it is too early. Those who are in the affected area but lack transportation or cannot leave should contact local authorities to learn about possible transportation to leave the area or go to shelters. Yes, since the memory of Hurricane Katrina is still close at hand, going to the shelter does not seem to be a good idea.But it is definitely better than no go.

The projected path of Hurricane Ida as of 11 am EST on Friday.

Friday, August 27, 2021 8:03:15 +00:00 PM

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According to reports, another aspect of this storm New York Times, The area where Ida landed is not only one of the areas with the highest per capita COVID-19 incidence, but also an area where hospitals, especially children’s hospitals, are crowded with critically ill patients. Just because there is no other place to move these patients out of the path of the storm may be impossible, as we saw in 2005, providing electricity and other supplies to hospitals during a hurricane can be a huge challenge.

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