ICB Crypto Services successfully launches its own blockchain, ICBX

ICB Crypto Services successfully launches its own blockchain, ICBX


ICBX enables more seamless crypto transactions with merchants worldwide.

ICB Crypto Services, a leading provider of next-generation crypto trading and financial services, is proud to announce the successful launch of its blockchain network, ICBX. It integrates the entire ICB ecosystem and opens avenues for more agile digital possibilities and diverse supply applications. This creates a decentralized wallet, marketplace and trading platform that allows users to access seamless crypto transactions and blockchain-based apps, with the added benefit of industry-leading security and connectivity.

In a tweet, Mike Verdish, CEO of ICB Crypto Services said, “I’m honored to announce that our official ICB blockchain network and associated coins were launched on July 11th. Stay tuned for updates.”

The recent launch of ICBX marks a significant step forward in ICB Crypto Services’ continued commitment to providing innovative digital solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern traders and investors. The company currently serves millions of users in more than 40 countries worldwide and supports thousands of commodities, NFTs, stablecoins and assets to trade, buy and sell.

Going forward, the company aims to build a diverse range of decentralized applications (DApps), expand its ecosystem, and accelerate growth for a scalable, widespread application of its services.

Learn more about the ICB Crypto Services here: https://www.icbroker.io/ and https://icbcrypto.services/.

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