ICCPP Signs Compliant Business Commitment to Build the Future of…

ICCPP Signs Compliant Business Commitment to Build the Future of…


SHENZHEN, China, August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — To July 27, 2022in the testimony of the E-cigarette Technical Committee of China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, John DunneDirector General of the British Electronic Cigarette Industry Association (UKVIA), Dustin Dahlman and Cipri BoboiCo-founder of the European Electronic Cigarette Association (IEVA), Peter Davydoff, Chief Press Officer of the Russian Nicotine Alliance and DanielDavidChairman of the Canadian Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (VITA), the world-renowned ecological electronic atomization technology company, ICCPP and representatives of 57 other e-cigarette companies jointly signed the “Compliant Business Commitment”, promising to strictly abide by the Regulations and requirements of the e-cigarette industry in China Export target countries and regions, produce safely, operate in compliance with the law and effectively fulfill the obligation not to sell e-cigarettes to minors, etc.

The Electronic Cigarette Special Committee is one of the largest alliances in the e-cigarette industry Chinawith more than 600 member companies, including world-renowned e-cigarette brands and manufacturing companies such as ICCPP, Smoore, Relx, SMOK and FirstUnion Group.

After the signing ceremony, Everest Zhao, vice chairman of the China Electronic Cigarette Special Committee and founder of the ICCPP, spoke on behalf of the participating companies and first expressed his gratitude to the Special Committee for organizing this event. Everest said compliance has always been the primary strategic goal of ICCPP. With the introduction of vaping policies and rules in different countries, the e-cigarette industry has evolved from self-regulation to co-regulation, which has placed specific requirements on companies’ business direction and strategy. Everest also pointed this out of China The e-cigarette industry has a long way to go when it comes to compliance. The companies should…

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