OSLO, Norway, November 10, 2022 – IDEX Biometrics ASA and Enqura are collaborating to jointly develop and commercialize biometric smart cards for digital authentication in Turkey. Enqura Information Technology is an ID verification solution provider with a strong customer portfolio ranging from international and regional banks such as HSBC, Odeabank (Bank Audi), Burganbank, financial companies such as ALJ Finance and investment companies such as QNB Finans Invest. In addition, Enqura’s partnership with Apple, Google and Microsoft puts the company in an excellent position to go to market with IDEX Biometrics’ smart card solutions in Turkey and across Europe.

Enqura facilitates the integration of digital ID verification, and collaborating with IDEX Biometrics to bring biometric smart cards to market will accelerate the adoption of seamless and secure digital verification and authentication on a global scale. These biometric smart cards are expected to hit the market in the first half of 2023.

“IDEX Biometrics continues to accelerate the development of the commercial ecosystem in Turkey and across Europe, serving the increasing demand for secure digital authentication solutions. The collaboration between Enqura and IDEX Biometrics creates further opportunities for biometric smart cards,” said Catharina Eklof, CCO of IDEX Biometrics. “Enqura’s large portfolio of banks, fintechs and retailers will benefit from IDEX Biometrics’ industry-leading biometric smart card technology and solutions, accelerating time-to-market at scale.”

“Enqura is excited to offer more secure and convenient authentication solutions through this new strategic collaboration with IDEX Biometrics,” said Metin Karabiber, CEO of Enqura. “We see strong demand in the digital ID verification and authentication market. Adding biometrics to authenticate login and access improves the user experience, eliminates the need for PINs and passwords, and mitigates the risk of fraud.”

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