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Ikram Nazih released in Morocco-World

Ikram Naz She was released in Morocco today”: Farnesina confirmed this. The Italian-Moroccan girl was convicted of anti-religious crimes for sharing a caricature on Facebook in 2019.

A few minutes before the Farnesian confirmed, the Deputy Minister of European Affairs Enzo Amendola During the appeal hearing against the student, she said: “I am very pleased to tell you good news from Marrakech: Ikram Nzihi, a young Italian Moroccan citizen, will be released soon and will be sentenced to prison in Morocco in June. The reasons for the defense are heard, and thanks to the excellent cooperation with the local authorities, Ikram will be released from prison. Our compatriots are very good, and I extend my best wishes to her and her family.”

“In recent weeks-he added-we have worked with our ambassador in Rabat Armando Baruch at the consulate, and with Minister Di Maio and Farnesina. In August, I followed the case personally, with Interested parties talked and visited Ikram Nzihi in the detention facility. The strong relationship between Italy and Morocco continues and this is the result of a strategic partnership”.

“I want to thank the Italian Ambassador to Morocco Armando Baruche and Deputy Secretary of State Enzo Amendola for their commitment to this cause. We have been following this story together from the beginning, caring only for the happiness of our compatriots, and fully respecting Morocco. Institutions and the work of the judiciary: the Minister of Foreign Affairs confirms this Luigi Di Maio After the release of the Italian Moroccan student Ikram Nazih.

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