In Motion Physical Therapy Publishes an eBook on Playing Injury-Free Tennis ~ Prodigy Press Wire

In Motion Physical Therapy Publishes an eBook on Playing Injury-Free Tennis ~ Prodigy Press Wire



In Motion Physical Therapy is one of the most reputed physical therapy centers in Chicago for sports injuries and other problems related to the impairment of routine body motions and pains. Dr. Lauren Schnidman, the founder and lead doctor at In Motion Physical Therapy, has published an eBook available on the company’s website. The eBook, titled “6 Essential Tips for Pain-Free Tennis“, is the product of Dr. Schnidman’s long experience treating several tennis players and of her love for the game.

In Motion Physical Therapy is on a mission to provide top-quality physical therapy services
In Motion Physical Therapy

The eBook is a manual for recreational and professional tennis players who want to pursue the game for the rest of their lives but do so without any injuries and body aches. The eBook opens with an introduction to why tennis players need to follow the advice shared in the books and the benefits they will reaping by heeding the advice in it. Next, the book delves into the six proven strategies that all tennis players should include in their routine to play a pain-free and injury-free game.

A brief overview of the strategies is as follows:

Strategy No. 1: Stretch

Stretching is the most basic yet important exercise. Dynamic stretching is the preferred approach, since it allows joints and muscles to go through their complete range of motion before the game.

Strategy No. 2: Strengthen

Strength training decreases joint tension, the possibility of injuries, and other related diseases. It also allows the body to perform better during the game and boosts the intensity of strikes, while enhancing dexterity and speed when playing.

Strategy No. 3: Cross-Training

Aside from tennis, the book recommends including other athletic activities in the daily regimen. The practice is referred to as cross-training.

Strategy No. 4: Make Sure To Have The Right Equipment

Invest some time and resources in testing various racket and string tension combinations to discover the perfect setup. It can help players handle the equipment securely and therefore play…


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