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In the global pandemic, the Utah School District has quietly prioritized the prohibition of pride flags in classrooms

According to reports, the policy aims to maintain the political neutrality of the classroom by prohibiting Black Lives Matter, Rainbow, Make America Great Again and other similar flags from being displayed in schools.Davis County School spokesperson Chris Williams told local media 2 News The school district “complies with state laws” in maintaining a “political neutral” classroom. According to Williams, this policy is not new, but the principal will remind schools of this rule at the beginning of the school year.

According to the media, Utah State Education Commission spokesperson Mark Peterson told them that nothing in their code clearly defined the rainbow flag as a “political statement.” According to reports, Peterson told the media in an email that the decision will be made by the school district or charter school.

according to Salt Lake TribuneWilliams clarified to the media that some schools in the area did fly flags other than the American flag, including flags of other countries and sports teams. According to Williams, the difference is that these flags “have nothing to do with politics,” while the pride flag is not.

“This flag means a lot to us,” said Amanda Darrow, director of youth, family and education at the Utah Pride Center, speaking of the pride flag. “It just tells us that we are included in schools, we are seen in schools, we belong to these schools.”

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Utah Chapter issued a statement on the matter, according to reports Washington Blade, Pointed out that regardless of whether the state technically allows such a ban, this is a bad policy, and the school has an obligation to support all students and make them feel welcome on campus. They added: “We urge school administrators and teachers to adopt policies that make all students feel safe and inclusive.”

Very clear: the Pride and Black Lives Matter logo is not political. They have nothing to do with a particular political party, candidate or ideology.This kind of discussion is reminiscent of the debates held in some cities about what people can wear when voting-some Try to ban For example, the Black Lives Matter shirt argued that it was promoting candidate campaign materials or voter intervention.

Fundamental rights, respect and humanity have nothing to do with politics. But, of course, many Republicans are happy to see human identity and inclusiveness as consistent with political parties, implying that we can simply choose who is.

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