In today’s world, the power of personal branding has never been greater than…

In today’s world, the power of personal branding has never been greater than…


Gary B Doherty of Think Network and Be Seen PR recognizes the importance of differentiating online and the impact an ambitious entrepreneur can have when positioned correctly.

What exactly does that mean?

During the pandemic, the world has climbed online, but not everything is being seen, heard and seen.

Gary says: “Content is no longer king in my opinion, visibility when is king with content is narrow content. I’ve seen many, many aspiring entrepreneurs with amazing content, but no one hears or sees them. You are the best kept secret! Those who work with me are the exact opposite of that. I believe in shining the light on individuals as I believe they deserve abundance in your life. This abundance mindset is at the core of everything I believe in and you see that in my work, the clients I work with and the results we achieve together.”

There is no doubt that there is a wealth of information out there on the internet and anyone can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed when trying to find answers.

When we asked Gary B. Doherty for his top tips, here’s what he said.

Here are the top 5 tips:

tip 1

What are individual top strengths and characteristics? Individuals should identify them and really focus and niche their messages on their superpower.

tip 2

The individual should find clarity about what he wants to achieve with his personal brand. Is it a certain number of followers, an amount of money or maybe the launch of a new book, product or service? find clarity.

tip 3

Individuals should make sure they are ubiquitous on social media first. Opinions vary on this, but Gary’s experience is that when individuals are seen everywhere, each person can pinpoint the percentage of time they spend on a platform where to find the results. Be omnipresent. There are apps like Hootsuite that can handle the workload for anyone.

tip 4

Individuals should use high-quality graphics and videos as content for their social…

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