Indian Visa Application Online provides Indian Business e-Visa, Medical…

Indian Visa Application Online provides Indian Business e-Visa, Medical…


Indian Visa Online Application via allows individuals to apply for Indian Business e-Visa, Medical e-Visa and Tourist e-Visa. Aside from these e-Visas, people from eligible countries can also apply for Medical Assistance e-Visa and Emergency e-Visa according to their requirements.

The Government of India has introduced an Electronic Travel Authorization that allows citizens from 180 countries to travel to India for various purposes. Different types of e-Visa are available for different visit purposes; Therefore, applicants need to choose the right e-Visa that suits their purpose. For now, allows individuals to apply for an Indian Tourist e-Visa if they are planning to visit India for tourism purposes, a Business e-Visa for those entering the country for business purposes and a Medical e-Visa to to receive medical treatment or advice india. Apart from these e-Visas, individuals can also apply for a Medical Assistance e-Visa and an Emergency e-Visa.

Medical Companion e-Visa is for persons accompanying a medical patient entering India for medical treatment. People who need to visit India for urgent reasons can apply for an Emergency eVisa. This e-Visa is issued quickly to allow the person to reach their destination on time.

Business Visa for India

As mentioned, business e-Visas can only be used for business purposes. It allows individuals to visit India to attend business meetings, sell or buy goods and services, set up a business or industrial venture, conduct tours, etc. The Indian Business e-Visa has a long-term validity of one year and can be used will stay in India for 180 days continuously. It is a double-entry visa that is not extendable or convertible. Currently, only the citizens of 165 visa-free countries can apply for this e-Visa.

Medical Visa for India

A Medical e-Visa is issued to people who…


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