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Intel Faces Growing Popularity of Arm with Cloud Computing…

  • Softbank Group Corp SFTBF SFTBY Arm-based chips gained market share in PCs and competed Intel Corp INTC in the increasingly important data center market.
  • weapons clientele included cloud computing operator Amazon.com Inc AMZN, microsoft corp MSFT, alphabet inc WELL Google google, apple inc AAPL because their data centers consumed a plethora of chips, according to The Wall Street Journal reports.
  • Amazon.com adopted the technology for its homemade server chips. Microsoft and Google worked on processors using building blocks licensed by Arm.
  • Apple has released two new versions of its homegrown arm chips for MacBooks and its long-time preferred supplier for Core processors, Intel.
  • Arm-based chips are the digital brains in more than 95% of smartphones, including all Apple iPhones.
  • Arm receives royalties on every chip made or sold using his design. As such, it generated $2.7 billion in revenue in 2021, still only about 3% the size of Intel.
  • Arm was preparing for an IPO this year and has yet to decide where to list its shares political pressure in Britain to choose London.
  • Intel is expected to see a 23% drop in revenue at its PC-focused business, according to FactSet.
  • Intel’s server business revenue is likely to fall 40% year over year, reflecting a slowing economy and losing market share to its peers Advanced Micro Devices Inc AMD and arm-based chips.
  • While global laptop shipments are likely to fall by a high single-digit percentage this year, Arm-based laptop shipments could increase, according to Counterpoint Research.
  • Arm chips can now also be found in virtual reality headsets and autonomous vehicles.
  • The latest from Amazon Graviton chips based on Arm is up to 60% more efficient than its Intel and AMD CPUs, said Dave Brown, vice president of Amazon.com.
  • In 2022, AMD CEO Lisa Su said her company was in the early stages of working on Arm-based chips that would likely find a place in video game consoles.
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