Is Elon Musk a winner or a loser if he takes over Twitter? 41% of gasoline gas…

Is Elon Musk a winner or a loser if he takes over Twitter? 41% of gasoline gas…


months after Elon Musk walked away from its original $44 billion buyout proposal Twitter Inc TWTRwas reported on Tuesday that the Tesla Inc TSLA CEO had revived the deal ahead of a court hearing between the two parties.

If the takeover goes through, will he be a winner? Here’s what some people think.

What happened: musk proposed to take over Twitter for $54.20 per share, in line with its original purchase proposal earlier this year.

The deal comes months after Twitter sued Musk for walking away from the deal and the billionaire entrepreneur countersued allegations that Twitter was aware of its bot and spam problems.

With the new proposal not accepted by Twitter, a deal between the two parties could be imminent. This led to Benzinga polling Twitter users about whether the deal was smart and will make Musk a winner or a loser.

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Benzinga survey: Benzinga questioned his Twitter followers suggests: “Is Elon Musk a winner or loser of the Twitter deal?”

The possible answers to the poll were winners, losers and indifferent.

Over 41% of Respondents voted for Musk would emerge as a loser, while 37% believed the world’s richest person would emerge victorious from the deal. Just over 21% of respondents were indifferent to the affair.

The results indicate continued skepticism about the deal.

hedge fund manager Chris Humility from Rangeley Capital was a little more optimistic about the scenario with his comments on “Stock Market Movers” hosted by Benzinga Mitch Hoch.

“I think almost everyone can be a winner here,” said Demuth.

The hedge fund manager picked Chancellor Catherine McCormick, Twitter shareholders and Musk as potential winners of some sort.

Demuth said he sees Twitter shareholders as winners by…

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