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‘Is it worth it? ‘Florida Governor DeSantis slams the Associated Press’s “baseless conspiracy theory” article on Covid-19 treatment — RT USA News

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis launched an attack on the Associated Press in a “partisan defamation article” about his promotion of Covid-19 treatment supported by the White House, and the agency has been working on his staff When opposed, a complaint of “harassment” was filed.

“I think your letter is to inform me that you are withdrawing the partisan defamatory article you published last week. On the contrary, you dare to complain that your botched and untrustworthy attempt to fabricate a political narrative has received a deserved counterattack.” DeSantis wrote in a letter to the agency that he wrote public on Monday.

The Republican governor described the Associated Press report published on August 17 as “A baseless conspiracy theory” Carry “Seditious Title” This may cause some Floridians to refuse life-saving treatments, even if “The public’s trust in the Associated Press and other corporate outlets is at a historically low level.”

This happens when you decide on the title and narrative before you start reporting. The corporate media’s “click first, facts last” approach to journalism is harming our country.

“Is it worth it?” DeSantis asked finally.

The Associated Press article revolves around the anger of the Democrats that DeSantis is promoting Regeneron-a monoclonal antibody therapy for Covid-19-because the CEO of a hedge fund that has a financial interest in its manufacturer has already Donate to the governor’s campaign.

The problem with this statement is that this treatment method has also been recognized by health experts and even the current government.At the press conference August 12 – A few days before the Associated Press report – The White House “Race Equality in Health” Advisor Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith said that the Biden administration has already deployed “Commando” Promote the drug in the hard-hit U.S. states.

The Associated Press report even pointed out that experts agree with DeSantis’ views and that Regeneron has “It shows that the hospitalization rate and mortality rate can be reduced by about 70%” If given within 10 days of the first symptoms.Texas Governor Greg Abbott tested positive for the virus after being fully vaccinated on the same day The popular DeSantis figure came out, saying that he was taking the drug and had recovered.

Christina Pushaw, Press Secretary of DeSantis Tweet related “Unfounded” The headline and calling on the writer and his editor, the Associated Press complained to Twitter that their reporter was “Harassment” with “Bully.” Pushaw’s account was locked for 12 hours.

“You can’t recklessly discredit your political opponents and then expect to be free from criticism,” DeSantis told the Associated Press, adding that he supports his employees and their work.

Reporter Glenn Greenwald (Glenn Greenwald) Previously written Regarding corporate outlets marking any criticism as bullying, the Associated Press commented “Woo” Is part of the trend “It seems to be a cynical tool to keep them from being criticized.”

Both DeSantis and Abbott are Republicans who find themselves in the focus of corporate media because of their opposition to lockdowns and wearing masks and vaccinations-although they both advocate voluntary vaccinations, DeSantis prioritizes the elderly because they are the most at risk s population.The White House lists them separately as “Out of the way” Its Covid-19 policy.

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Florida Governor DeSantis vowed to “block” Biden’s lockdown and mask requirements

DeSantis publicly rejected the lock-in strategy because “fauvism” -After President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser and corporate media darling Dr. Anthony Fauci publicly expressed his opposition to Florida becoming “The State of Biomedical Safety” And like New York City, a vaccine passport is mandatory.

Soon after publishing the Associated Press letter, DeSantis Announce Two other monoclonal antibody treatment centers will be opened in Alachua and St. Lucie counties on Tuesday, which can treat 300 patients a day, 7 days a week. They joined similar sites in 14 other counties in Florida.

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