iSwiss appears in the most important international newspaper after Forbes…

iSwiss appears in the most important international newspaper after Forbes…


iSwiss, a small banking company based in Lugano, Switzerland, conquers the most important international newspapers and gains prestige. After Forbes Monaco, Bloomberg is also interested in this company.

« iSwiss is an emerging single platform that offers exclusive services for the banking and insurance». This is how Bloomberg Europe opens the article about the Swiss company iSwiss. In fact, on July 24th, an article about the Swiss bank was published in the international newspaper. It covered various topics related to fintech.

For example the particular service named: underwriting was discussed. It offers the very useful possibility of insuring almost any type of vehicle via a multilingual platform. Through underwriting it is possible to insure cars, planes, real estate and even loans. Then the platform in general and the main services offered were described. Here is an interview with the CEO of iSwiss, Christopher Aleo, reported:

«The key word is simplicity, online services like apps are fine, but customers are looking for a personal relationship with their bank and cannot be managed by automated bots. That’s why we Combine online services with the opening of a network of boutiques where customers can appearperson to make transactions such as cash deposits or withdrawals or discuss their needs with our Manager. – he goes on – By saving operating costs, we can offer our customers favorable conditions One of the most popular services we offer clients is credit insurance to strengthen and protect them relationships between individuals. – then he ends by saying – The system as designed does not Give the debtor a second chance. Banks record and keep the names of those who have them for years had late or non-payment for one reason or another, effectively disqualifying those individuals from receiving future funding. It is a kind of “damnatio memoriae” that reduces people to life on the fringes of society, branded as…

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